The Story Of Camelot Castle

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Little did Mithian know that joining a flurry of Councillors rushing towards the Great Court would be a terrible idea. But, with the fresh air having brought a healthy glow to her cheeks, and her hair slightly ruffled from a spirited walk around archways, fields and Courtyard, everything seemed interesting.

She had soon learned that Camelot Castle was the kind of place where you could find everything by following the crowd. Over a week into her stay, and the chatter still lifted her heart. What was going on? Another Knighting ceremony, or other celebration?

Rather than heading towards the Court used when she arrived in Camelot, tearfully luring Arthur to his death, the crowd swerved to the right and down several more corridors until they reached two great oak doors. The guards opened them and Mithian gasped in delight. Rather than the lower arched ceiling she remembered, this ceiling stretched forever into the sky, its windows sparkled with sunlight, making each pane look like a sheet of diamonds and at the far end, she saw two Thrones adorned with intricate decorations. The King and Queen were already seated, discussing something in low voices.

Pausing, Mithian studied them with a strange feeling in her stomach of either envy nor admiration. And then shaking her head, she went to find a good place to stand as the seats had already been taken by Knights and Councillors. An aisle separated the two crowds and and several men, including a Lord she vaguely recognized from
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