The Story Of Camille Madison

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Camille Madison woke early in anticipation of the changes the day would bring. She brewed a pot of her favorite French Vanilla flavored coffee and took her first cup out on the terrace. When she purchased this condo several years ago it had been the terrace that she had fallen in love with. The white café table and chairs that adorned this favorite place of solace had been the first furniture purchased; the bedroom ensemble second. The living room and combination dining areas filled up with plush furnishings as well. The condo now reflected the independent yet totally feminine head nurse of the largest ER in Los Angeles County. She lifted the steaming cup and breathed in the aroma before taking a sip and tasting the strong coffee beans laced with the sweet nectar of vanilla. Her eyes closed in appreciation as she took another sip. Today marked another cross road in her well-ordered world. Camille had experienced much change in her young life. Fresh out of nursing school she found herself at a recruiter’s office signing up as an army nurse shipping out for a field hospital in the Pusan perimeter, a small area in South Korea. Upon returning to Los Angeles she found that she had to re-invent herself. The horrors she’d faced in Korea made working in a private physician’s practice tedious, and manning a nurse’s station on a patient floor at the hospital a monotonous chore. She needed to be where the action was. She needed to get at the heart of the impulse of why she became a

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