The Story Of Creation And The Fall Of Man

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The Story of Creation and the Fall of Man
The story of creation and the fall of man are the mainly studied and more diligently and critically analyzed in the Bible. They are contained in the first three chapters of the Book of Genesis. The creation story is highly criticized in light of scientists and other non believers due the controversy that exist between science and religion. While science is subjective, Religion is objective and thus based on opinion. Nevertheless, the Bible appears more correct and truthful compared the evolution theories. There are more questions than answers in the revolution theory, for instance, how can a monkey turn into human being? And if that’s the case why aren’t the modern monkey turn into human beings? In that case, the Bible stands to be the better version in regard to the beginning of human race. I am a Christian, a fully devoted one, and my analysis of the creation story is based on the Bible, and more specifically, on the first three chapters of the book of Genesis as contained in the New International Version (NIV).
Chapter 1
The chapter begins with the existence of Supreme Being, God, who created heaven and earth from rather a formless and void full of darkness; “let there be light; let there be an expanse between the waters……” Genesis 1:3, 6. This reveals the power of a supernatural being that controls the universe; and that absolute power lies with God, the creator of the universe. The creation work is systematically done in six…

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