The Story Of Drinking

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Cliff sat down next to Jensen watching the other alpha down two whiskey shots in a row. “Slow down alpha, or I’ll be taking you home in about twenty minutes.” Cliff admonished. “C’mon Jensen, I watched you kick Jared’s ass today. What’s going on with you?” “Christ, I don’t know, I’m losing my mind. It’s not one thing that Jared did, more of a series of things that have happened. “Give me an example?” Jensen paused for a few minutes. “When Jared first started his tour he’d call me every night; then he couldn’t because they had to have dinner with this guy or go to a party with that guy etcetera, etcetera. I was irritated, but I did get it, so I let it slide.” Well, I wouldn’t let my mate travel anywhere without me. If things were different…show more content…
Get control, Ackles.” “I think you handle turned alphas different than a natural born one. I want Jared at home, so he’ll need to wrap this little tour he is doing.” Cliff just shook his head. “Weak Ackles. Go collect your mate tonight; teach him his place and breed him. It’s that simple.” Jensen stood up tossing a few twenties onto the bar. Cliff downed his drink and attempted to stand up, but Jensen reached out grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back down. “I’ll walk. I need to clear my head.” Jensen said. The next morning Jared and Misha arrived at the studio early. Jared decides to wait in his trailer for Jensen to come and talk to him. Finally, a knock at the door had Jared up and off the couch racing to the door. Opening the door his face dropped when he saw it was the costume manager. “Happy to see you too, sunshine. C’mon it’s time to get ready for your scene.” “Yeah, ok. I’ll be right there.” Disappointed Jared closed the door grabbed a few things including his collar before leaving his trailer. He didn’t see Jensen until their first scene together. Jensen hit his lines perfectly, but Jared was nervous; missed his cue, and the director had to cut the scene. “Cut! Ackles get control of Jared. We’re fucking wasting time here.” Jensen grabbed Jared by his elbow leading him away from the crew. “Get your head out of your ass, don’t embarrass me again.” Jensen hissed in Jared’s ear.
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