The Story Of Edgar Griffin House

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Not too far from the centre of the skimpy county Telemark, there was a large house perched up on a slight hill proudly overlooking the distressed settlement that was Telemark. In its day it was the largest and the most neoteric house in the whole of Telemark, but time and weathering have affected it and worn it out. In this house lived just one man named Edgar Griffin, or so we thought. Edgar has been living in this house for over 50 years, as long as his neighbors can recall. Edgar is a quiet, mysterious man who always wore dark, old oversized clothes; he was almost always around the house and was sometimes seen in two places at once by passing residents. Edgar always minded his own business and no one ever knew too much about him, until…show more content…
The Investigators turned up at Ms. Raven’s house and she told them everything that she knew. The Investigators are quite suspicious so they decide to have a look in the supposedly abandoned house. When they knocked on the front door of the house; to their surprise someone answered the door. It was a tall man with dark clothes, exactly fitting the description of the man who was murdered. “What is your name sir?” the first investigator asked. “Dexter Griffin” the Man replied. The Investigators request to have a look around the house and Dexter confidently accepts and leaves them to complete their investigation. They come back to Dexter and questioned him about some sounds they had heard coming from around a sofa. Dexter's confidence quickly declined after The Investigators asked him about this, he started to stutter and fidget whilst speaking. He insisted it's nothing and begged them not to look any further, they did not listen and told him to follow after them. After twenty minutes of trying to find where the noises were coming from, Dexter finally cracked it and broke down into a hot mess. The guilt had gotten to him, Dexter dragged the couch to one side and revealed a hidden trap-door; he climbed down through the trapdoor and told the investigators to follow after him. There was a ladder which they climbed down for what felt like an hour, they finally reached the bottom of the ladder and to the left of them was a large door padlocked shut.
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