The Story Of God 's Love

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After a month of getting to know the mother of this family, she sits down close and concedes that what she was taught about Christianity doesn’t line up with how I live and act in relationship with her. She asks me to explain the gospel and the following is my response. The gospel is the story of God’s love for His creation and His immense plan to bring us back in relationship with Him. Before the world existed, only God was there, and He decided to make the entirety of creation, the universe and everything in it. When He spoke He created. He made the sky and filled it with the moon and stars and filled the earth bellow with the most beautiful plants and animals. Yet there was still something missing. So the Creator made a special…show more content…
(Genesis 3:15) The man and woman had children and eventually their decedents spread far and wide. God looked for a holy people in a fallen world through which to accomplish His purposes, yet sin was rooted in the hearts of humanity and they kept turning from Him. Eventually, God spoke to a man named Abraham and promised to bless Abraham and give him descendants that outnumbered all the stars God had made so that they could be a blessing to all nations. Through Abraham’s family line God would bring the ultimate blessing, the promised one who would restore God’s people to Him. Though Abraham and his wife were very old and past their childbearing years, Abraham believed God’s promise, and because of his faith, God considered Abraham righteous and in a good relationship with Him. (Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 15:5-6)
God kept his promise and made Abraham’s decedents into a great nation. Sometimes they followed Him, but mostly they disobeyed, just as the first man and woman did. They worshiped false gods and bowed to idols. God gave them commands to protect them, but they wouldn’t listen. (Duet 5) Finally, God sent prophets, proclaiming the truth of the coming Healer of the world. But Abraham’s descendants were too busy living in sin to notice. God sent prophecies of a miraculous virgin birth. (Isaiah 7:14) One of God’s messengers, Isaiah, brought the message of a Savior who would be
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