The Story Of How The Roots Of One House

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The story of how the roots of one house allowed me to mature and blossom into the person that I am today all begins not too far from here. In a four bedroom, two bath house with Saltillo tile, a clear blue pool, old wooden swing in the back yard, and an olive tree that is the trademark of the house. The exterior of the house is painted a clean white paint with a beige trim and is the home of Mom mom and Pop pop. However, this story goes deeper than the description or who lived in the house, it is about what actually took place at 8615 N 45th Ave. One of the first memories I remember in that house was when I was in first grade. I had been swimming like a fish all day with my sister Kayla. When I got out of the pool, I realized that I had swum with my earrings on. I suddenly felt a quick panic rush over me as I was feeling my ears for my earrings and noticed that my left earring was gone. I thought it had fallen in the pool, but after some investigation, I found it on the pool deck by the diving board. I picked it up and noticed that the back of the earring was not attached to the earring, and that was when Kayla yelled from right behind me that it was in the back of my ear. My dad quickly rushed me to urgent care because he was not sure how to get it out and did not want to make it worse. When I returned to my grandparents’ house, my head was wrapped like a mummy just to hold one cotton ball to the back of my left ear. I was still scared from the eventful night, but all my
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