The Story Of Jack And James

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Part Two
A week later, his parents were still baffled by the strange birds. They thought perhaps that they had been killed by some wild animal in the area. Jack and James had grown closer than ever. Every day whenever James would get a headache, he would go see Jack because he always made him forget about them. They played tag, marbles, and even cricket together. His headaches still happened quite frequently but he hid that from his mother. She did not need to worry about those little problems.He was having a particularly bad fit one morning, so he went to see Jack. He walked down by the river to their usual meet up point. At the river, Jack was playing with something in the mud.
“Good day, Jack!” shouted James.
“Well, good morning to
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It is so tiny!” exclaimed Jack. James began to become interested in it but then his head suddenly began to ache once again.
“Jack, I think I should go home. My head is beginning to hurt again,” James whined.
“All right then, you should come by tomorrow,” Jack said disappointedly.
“Okay, I shall see you tomorrow then!”
As James walked home, he felt different. He felt calmer and more collected like Jack. The church bells watched him walk by and immediately started to chatter.
“Why, good afternoon ladies! How are you all feeling this mighty fine day? The sunshine is certainly feels nice today, don’t you think?” said James charmingly. The ladies stared at him in pure shock. The strange little boy who would not look at anyone was now articulating like a gentleman. They were too surprised to even respond.
“Well, good day to you ladies!” Jack replied with the tip of his head.
As soon as he started away, the ladies rapidly began to gossip among themselves.
“Maybe that “bump” on his head knocked everything into place,” whispered one.
“Perhaps it made him normal finally,” remarked another.
“Still, he is only an eight year old boy! Is that not still strange?” asked another. All of the ladies nodded in agreement but all were secetly pleased with James’ sudden change in attitiude.
James continued on home to supper. His mother was just placing the plates on the table when he strolled in.
“Good afternoon, mother! The food smells swell. I am sure it will be absolutely
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