The Story Of Joseph, Recorded

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The story of Joseph, recorded in Genesis 37-50, is common in multitudinous places of worship throughout the world. For the most part, the story is one of a forgiving, strong man. After years of hardship as a result of a decision made by nine of his brothers, Joseph was blessed by God and forgave those nine brothers. What those places of worship don’t tend to discuss, however, is the fact that Joseph, throughout the story, tended to pick favorites amongst his brothers and hold grudges against the nine that made the critical decision, causing the character to seem slightly hostile and unforgiving, a counter-narrative of the typical story told in churches and synagogues everywhere. In Genesis 42-43, the Bible gives six examples of Joseph dealing and speaking harshly to his brothers. For example, he interrogated them upon their arrival in Genesis 42:7, and later, in Genesis 42:9, he acted like he suspected them of coming to spy on the land of Egypt. “And he put them all together in prison for three days (Genesis 42 17 NRSV).” If Joseph’s true intention was to forgive and forget the wrong caused by his brothers, then all of these actions would be unnecessary and serve no purpose. The only reason Joseph would treat his brothers so is if he had been harboring a grudge for all those years against his brothers and was enjoying the opportunity bring them difficulty. Genesis 42:19-20 says this: “...if you are honest men, let one of your brothers stay here where you are imprisoned.
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