The Story Of ' Kenji Yamamoto '

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Kenji Yamamoto didn’t like his younger sister very much. He had always been apple of both his parents’ eyes, since the moment he was born. “A boy! How fortunate for our firstborn to be a son!” His father, Akira Yamamoto, had exclaimed when the doctors placed his newborn son in his arms. He held the boy protectively, and with a look of adoration took in the beauty of his peaceful, sleeping features. His mother, Mika Yamamoto, was also sleeping; on the crisp white hospital bed on which his father was sitting. The medicine they injected into her during the birth was slowly wearing off, and she stirred restlessly in her induced slumber. Pale skin, plump cheeks and a cute button nose graced the face of the infant, and unlike other babies, this one stayed calm and unmoving enough for the father to pick out which features were inherited from him from the features inherited from his mother. Akira Yamamoto; newlywed and now father, was a kind hearted man whose love for his family was a one in a million find. He was tall, handsome, and young, with a clear motive—from the moment he decided to marry the woman his family disapproved of, applied to migrate to America, bought his first acre of untamed land, to the moment his wife announced she was pregnant—of exactly what he wanted to do in this world. “Your name will be Kenji Yamamoto. Kenji; after my late grandfather who taught me how to tend pear trees, and love the work that goes into bearing each delicious fruit,” Akira

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