The Story Of Leadership

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From the moment they were born Andrea and Marcus were destined to be spies. Their fathers were spies and had been put together as partners back in the day. So it was only natural for Andrea and Marcus to be paired together on their first day on the job. Marcus was ecstatic to follow in his father's footsteps, always tried his hardest in his training. Although he was dedicated, he wasn’t exactly the best at the actual SPY part of the job. On the other hand, everything came easily for Andrea. She aced her training easily. As far as she was concerned, Marcus was just slowing her down. “Marcus, stop walking so slow, we’re going to be late.” she snapped at him. “We won’t be late, calm down.” Marcus brushed off her comment. Andrea only…show more content…
He hoped she wasn’t a light sleeper because the artwork he planned creating on her face needed at least a minute, if not more. He pulled a pen from his bag and got to work. Andrea didn’t stir a bit as he went to town on the masterpiece. By the time he was done, a moustache and a beard were drawn expertly on her face. He sat back, observed the drawing, then mentally congratulated himself for the job well done. Hours later they touched down in New York, they collected their bags and thanked the pilot for the lovely flight. A little over an hour later they arrived at the hotel they’d be staying at for the next few days. Apparently, the company was getting a little cheap on them, considering they had only one room with two beds instead of two separate rooms. Andrea didn’t think she would be able to survive the days that were to come. Marcus threw his belongings down on the bed closest to the window then flopped down on top of it. “Hey, I wanted the window bed.” Andrea complained. “You snooze, you lose.” he replied. “What are you, five?” she rolled her eyes, which she noticed she did a lot around him. He didn’t reply, only stuck his tongue out at her. By the next evening, they were at one of the fanciest ballrooms in New York for a benefit for either saving the rainforest or providing water for schools in India, neither Marcus or Andrea were entirely
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