The Story Of Martin Luther King Jr. And The Civil Rights Movement

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The man and the movement is the story of Martin Luther King Jr., one of the famous and the great leaders in American history. Similarly to his father, Martin Luther King Jr. followed the same educational path, he was a very bright student in school and won his first prize of $ 1,200, graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta 1948. Martin Luther licenced to preach and becoming assistant to his father as a pastor in the Baptist church, Atlanta in 1947. Afterward, he ordained to the Baptist ministry in Montgomery, Alabama. Martin Luther King Jr met Coretta Scott, in Boston University, where he received his PHD in 1955. She would be his partner in both marriage and his campaign of civil rights for the African Americans. Dr. King was influenced…show more content…
Dr. King decided to stands up to the evil “Jim Crow “local laws that denied equal treatment to African Americans and made them second-class citizens. For example, it forced Africans to wait at the back of the bus, to go to separate schools and live in separate neighborhoods.
Earlier, in 1954 the supreme court of the United States rules that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. December 5th 1955 was the first day of the bus boycott. As the African were relegated to the back of the bus, a black American woman named Rosa was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person. Consequently, Nixon was asked to lead the protest movement of a group of a black woman. Dr. King was elected president of an organization called Montgomery Improvement Association. Dr. King led the Montgomery boycott segregated public bus system. Dr. King faced tough problems such as money and cars, but he encouraged his people in his speeches to fight and stuck together and never copy the violent ways of the police. He advised his followers to stand up for justice with a new spirit of dignity and honour. Some white’s leaders tried to divide the blacks and even use sneakier ways. But,
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King’s picture appeared on the cover of the magazines and newspaper and he was called “a modern Moses”. A new organization, the Southern Christian leadership Conference, had formed to focus on achieving civil rights, King was elected its president. It led the Fifteenth amendment of the US constitution that said that all citizens of the United Sates had the rights to vote. In May, 1957, King helped organize a march in Washington D.C at Lincoln memorial. Dr. King came out with his first book “Stride towards Freedom “the Montgomery story, which told the story of the bus boycott and explained nonviolent protest. At a book signing, a mentally unbalanced woman stabbed Dr. King in the chest, but after three hour operation king’s life was saved. In 1960 Dr. King’s Family moved to Atlanta to assist his father as a co-pastor, of the Baptist church. His new positions gave him more time for civil rights work. Meanwhile, African American students, in other parts of the South, were also carrying a nonviolent protest sit–in at lunch counters and others segregated locations which fought for black dignity everywhere. Dr. King was arrested at an Atlanta sit-in and was jailed for four months. In 1961 black and white students began taking part in “freedom rides”. Dr. King and the SCLC were invited by the black leaders to help organize a protest to end segregation to achieve equal of eating facilities using a plan called `Project C`` . The protestors began with a few
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