The Story Of My Life By Helen Keller

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Selina Macias
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The Story of My Life by Helen Keller
Main Characters
Helen Keller
Arthur H. Keller-Father
Kate Adams-Mother
Anne Mansfield Sullivan-Teacher
1880-1889 Alabama
Main theme
The theme to Helen Keller is education, and knowledge and accomplishment
Summary Helen was born June 27,1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Helen had lived a normal life till the age of 19 months. Helen had gotten very ill which the doctors called in acute congestion of the stomach and brain. Helen had lost her hearing and vison. The first 19 months of her life she did catch glimpses of broad greenfields, luminous sky, trees and flowers which darkness had followed
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One-day Helen had spilled water all over her apron. She decided to lay out her apron in front of the fire. But her apron was not drying fast enough so she got closer and closer to the fire and ended up laying the apron on top of the ashes. The fire inflamed the entire apron and ended going on to Helen. Helen made a loud noise that her old nurse came in and helped Helen put the fire out. Helen had burned hand and her hair badly. Helen was learning a lot of things on her own. For instance, she learned about the use of a key. She had locked her mother in the pantry for about almost three hours one day. This prank she had pulled made her parents understand that it was time to look for some help for Helen. When her teacher had come Helen ended up locking Miss. Sullivan in her room. Helen hid the key and would not give up where she had hidden it. Her father had to get the ladder and help Miss Sullivan out from the window. Helen did give up her hiding spot of the key couple months later. At about five years old Helen had moved to a bigger home with her mother, father, two half-brothers and later her little sister Mildred. Helen was always the curious child and she always wondered why her father had newspapers and papers with him. She later found out that her father was an editor for the newspaper. Helen’s father was the most loving and indulgent human being whom loved his family so much. He also had love for his hunting dogs,

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