The Story Of My Life

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The line continued to slowly move, and I felt the excitement build up inside of me. I was going to meet BTS! And most importantly, my bias, Kookie. At last, I could see the white table, and I craned my neck to get a glimpse of the boys. My eyes narrowed. Kookie. He looked like he would rather be in hell than sitting at the table. He greeted the fans with a look full of annoyance, and gave them the most pathetic high-fives I had ever seen. I could see the slight disappointment in the fans' faces. I walked up to the table, standing directly in front of him, but I acted as if he didn't exist.

"Aren't you going to give me a high-five? You paid like 200 dollars to meet us."

"Why would I high-five someone who looks like he could care less
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I piled a few on my plate before leaning back, and munching on the meaty delicacies. Who knew how long I'd be in here for.

"YAH!" I cringed at Hyung's voice. I knew I had it coming for me. "Really Jungkook? I thought you got over these moody fits when you became of age. I mean, what even happened out there!? First you act like you don't care about your fans, and then you're calling security on one of them for just telling the truth?"

"I know Hyung, I screwed up."

"Yeah, you did, and you're going to fix it yourself." I watched him storm off towards the dressing room. Jin sure looked angelic in public, but you didn't want to cross him. He was really like a mom. I knew what I did was wrong, but that girl just... No one had ever treated me like that before. While I'll admit it was pretty hot, I'm not letting my guard down. I can't lose to her. Now I just have to find her.

I yelped as the door slammed open. I had jumped from the couch in fear at the figure standing in front of me. Jungkook. I watched his sharp features soften as he saw my fearful state. He ran his hand through his hair, and I couldn't help but stare at his profile. He was my bias after all.

"Look, I'm sorry..."


"What? What do you mean why?"

"Why are you apologizing to me? While my experience hasn't been the most pleasant, I asked for it by opening my big fat mouth. But the other fans didn't do anything, so why are you apologizing to me?"

"Look, it doesn't matter now. The
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