The Story Of My Life

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“ You are currently in a very healthy weight for your age and body structure,” explained the doctor. Oh never mind then. “Will there be a need for working out?” I asked. “Not unless you’re in any sports that need a lot of muscle, which you already have,” said the doctor. “Hmm Okay,” I said shocked. “Right this way and your nurse will be here in a minute,” calmly the doctor said. My mom and I sat in the room for a good 5 minutes when the nurse came in “Howdy folks, how’s your lovely mornin’ so far?” the nurse said in a loud voice. “We are doing fine, just here for her surgery. How are you?”, said mother in a calm and quiet voice. “ Ah, ain’t that just fun. I am doing pretty good myself. Here let me just check your pulse and I…show more content…
I hope your day was okay and that surgery went good and you’re still alive. Okay ttyl!!” I mean I thank them for caring but still you can just say that to me in person. Not that hard but anyways, it was very annoying. Listening to them complain that much. Like THEY had a bad day? Yeah okay. *Monday May 31* Well today is the day I get check ups to see if I can swim again and I have never been so excited. “Why hello Bella, how does your foot feel,” yelled the doctor as he walked in. “It feels a lot better than when I got my surgery done. It feels good as new,” I replied. “Well that’s good news,” said the doctor. “Now let’s do some Xrays and see what it looks like, alright.” We went to the room to do the Xray stuff. He printed of pictures of my foot and showed them to my mom. They didn’t look to happy when they saw them. “What’s going on?” I asked. “Just the fact that you can swim again,” yelled my mom. “Wait really?! This is amazing,” I shouted. “Remember what I said that you have to start out with breaststroke and then you can go into butterfly as long as you wear a knee and an ankle brace. Understood,” explained the doctor. “Yes, yes thank you so much,” I said excitedly. After that we went home and got ready for swimming. *Friday December 8* State is tomorrow and I am so excited. We already had 6 meets of the year and I made it to sectionals and now state. I hate that I am
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