The Story Of My Life

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“1….1….2...3 b-breath” the voice was shaky scared worried “keep y-your eyes open please” it was blurry I couldn't tell who was talking my eyes were barely just barely opened “come on just...just a little longer” I couldn't tell if it was a he or she I just knew it was a voice I lay my head back on...on a soft pillow where did this come from it was so soft and squishy so fluffy I could care less about where it came from i just need to close my eyes they were so heavy I just need to close them for a second just a second yeah I shut my eyes and slowly start fading into the blackness I listened this time to the voices there are multiple in every direction I felt surrounded maybe I was I still couldn't tell who they were though I felt something…show more content…
I think that's what it is I manage to prop myself up on my elbows looking around it was an odd room cords and tv little seats the room was a grayish white as from what I could see no one's around I look up and try to find the time searching around for the clock it seems to bright out to be really late but i just want to make sure what the time is finally I look to my side and on the wall is a clock I try to look closer to see the time but it's too dark I move my feet to the ground and sit up still can't see it this time I get up or at least I try before falling down again onto the bed “what the hell” I whisper to myself still unaware of where I'm at I hear a click and see light coming from around the corner I try my best not to make a noise and lay back onto the pillows and there's a creak noise in the bed dammit I see someone walk in they look at me and a worried smile pops up on their face
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