The Story Of My Search

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Lilly Bjorkquist

The Story of My Search It’s no secret that the economy has not been the best in the past five or so years, and a lot of schools have taken the hardest hit from that. Public schools have had to cut many different programs and areas of study because it is simply just too expensive to teach all of them and provide the correct materials for the students. This is causing the quality of students education to go down, and they aren’t receiving all of the benefits that they should be. The education that a student receives starting in elementary school and all the way up into high schools sets them up for how they will do in college, and that will determine how they are going to live the rest of their lives. Since my future
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Schools also cut sports, extra circular activities, and other events that make school fun for the students. I want to see how they deal with these cuts but yet still give the students the proper education. Overall, I just want to find out how schools make up for the classes that are taken out of the schools, and what they think is the best way to deal with this situation. My search had its good and bad points, but over all it was pretty successful and took me about two weeks to complete. I found out a lot of things that I didn’t know, but some of the things were obvious from attending a public high school. At some points it was difficult to find information to back up what I wanted to explain, but for the most part I had a handful of good and credible sources to use. I used a few websites that were from major new sites, a former teacher, and school websites themselves. I got the majority of my information from the news sites, and that was very interesting because the different states showed different ways that they cut programs and how it differed depending on the school and the area. It also showed how some of them were similar and some of the cuts were placed in the same areas but not always. Another thing that I did was to interview one of my former teachers to see what her feelings where on the budgets cuts and how it directly effected her. It was good to hear some feedback from someone who was experiencing the cuts first
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