The Story Of Oedipus The Movie ' Oedipus '

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I have known of the story about Oedipus since my senior year of high school, so believe me I was uninterested hearing about reading it all over again. My teacher basically made us eat, sleep, and live anything that was about Oedipus in her class. She made us see weird videos about the story. However, having the class discussions made me more interested in the story because I was able to hear everyone’s standpoint and interpretation of the story. I have grown to somewhat accustomed to handle the story of Oedipus. When I had to buy the tickets, I still had to pay the extra ten dollars. The first trip to the Interest Bank Arena I was four dollars short. I had to go back home to get the extra money, and go all the way back to downtown. I don’t live extremely far from downtown, but it was just a hassle since I was taking care of my four year old cousin too and she fell asleep in the car. So, after going back to Interest Bank Arena I was finally able to buy the tickets for thirty dollars which I was kind of bothered about. It was my first time going to the Scottish Rite Center ever. The inside of the building was marvelous and lovely. The building had an old, vintage vibe to it and felt extraordinary to be inside. The mural on the ceiling is extremely beautiful and as well as the stage and the room where Oedipus first appeared on. The lady, who was seating people, misplaced my partner and me because we were supposed to be on the balcony instead. Being on the balcony was
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