The Story Of Sarah And Juan

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“I can’t help falling in love with you” (Weiss, 1961, Elvis Presley). These timeless Elvis Presley lyrics trigger warm and fuzzy feelings in the hearts of many hopeless romantics both young and old. These relatable and heartfelt words cast a spell on listeners, immediately drawing their attention. It is no surprise that when this song plays in the background of an Extra Gum commercial viewers’ eyes naturally find their way to the television screen. Once their eyes meet the screen they become immersed in watching the presented sentimental love story unfold. Despite only using a subtle incorporation of the advertised gum, Extra Gum creates a successful commercial through effortlessly eliciting viewers to fall in love with their gum as they fall in love with “The Story of Sarah and Juan” which can be found at “The Story of Sarah and Juan” begins with a girl and a boy, Sarah and Juan, catching each other’s eyes across a busy walkway in front of their high school. The camera switches to show the inside of the school, where in a hallway Sarah drops some papers at her locker and Juan walks over to help her pick them up. The two look at each other and smile as Sarah opens up an Extra Gum box to offer him a piece. Juan puts the gum in his mouth and chews as he smiles and stares at Sarah. Next, the two are found sitting in a car where Sarah again offers Juan a piece of Extra Gum a moment before they share a kiss. Sarah leaves

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