The Story Of Star Wars

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To get to the origins of the billboard, we need to start with the story of Star Wars. In 19xx George Lucas has an idea that become Star Wars. In 1976, with the first novel, and again in 1977 with the release of the motion picture that idea became a reality. But not even Lucas knew what a phonomenia it would become. He captured not only the minds but the hearts of the public. Those most enraptured with his work would clamber for every scrap we could get are hands on. It was slow coming after the Original Trilogy was released. Then through the dedication of a lone Lucasfilm employee, Lucy Autrey Wilson, The Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn was published. The fans were inspired by the continuous material coming out, video games like Dark…show more content…
Now we had an idea but no one really knew how to make it a reality. It was an idea that would be brought up and quickly dropped several times over the period of several month. Then on one of Matt 's live shows the idea was raised again, this time a few members of the EU Page Owners ' Alliance watched his show. The idea bit. They brought the idea back to the other page owners and it was decided the billboard had to become a reality. At first progress was none existant as there are no billboards in the Presidio, where Lucasfilm is headquartered. The Page Owners went to various websites of the offered billboards and yet were unable to find a viable location. They then went to Google Maps and the roads by street level looking for appropriate locations. Still nothing. Then Brian Borg, the man who would become the billboard 's Campaign Manager, decide the only way to move forward was to contact ad companies directly for assistance in locating viable spots. Sucess, there now was a location for the billboard. The Page Owners now got work on the wording and the design for the billboard. The wording had to be perfect, it needed to be attention grabbing, direct, repsectfull and short. There were a few ideas but in the end the message provided by Bill Adkins, our Chief Editor, was choosen. As for the design, there were a few finalist but starfield and crawl were finally decided on. The image needed to come to life, and it was decided that Paul
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