The Story Of Stone Mother

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Group 1, Question B The story of Stone Mother functions both as an origin and etiological story because it provided a sense of values and explained the phenomena of nature’s creation in time. It’s amazing to analyze how certain landmarks in nature were created based upon the stories that were passed down through generations. The story shared the value of family and to appreciate the connection that exists between people and nature. If one does not acknowledge each others’ characteristics and the world around us, certain choices may lead to regrets later on in life. For example, the children were separated and sent to opposite sides of their mother homeland (“Stone Mother,” pg 11-12) due to discipline actions. Since the children left, the parent remained in their original location but were very sad and heartbroken when they learned about the band returning to fight the remaining groups (“Stone Mother,” pg 12). Overall, the important idea that this story wanted to provided is that any connections always exists among humans as well as the nature that surrounds us if we take the chance to appreciated each other existence. Group 2, Question C Two examples of trickster stories from this week’s reading were “Coyote Wants to Be Chief” and “Bunding Host”. Both of the stories teach valuable life lessons, but they each have different perspectives on what was needed to be presented. In the “Coyote Wants to Be Chief” story, Coyote accidentally fell asleep and missed his chance to
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