The Story Of Stuff By Annie Leonard

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It has become a part of life to want to update. From electronics to wardrobes, Americans tune in to the next big thing and feel out of the loop if they do not have it. But quick, cheap updates have a price. Annie Leonard’s colloquial, upbeat presentation of “The Story of Stuff” examines sustainability issues and how current social and political attitudes contribute to the destruction of Earth. Leonard presents her argument based on intergenerational and intragenerational environmental justice. However, though her argument is persuasive, she provides a solution that is idealistic but lacks a specific plan of action. To begin, Leonard’s values and the crux of her argument focus on sustainability. According to the Brundtland Report, which…show more content…
The entire package seems perfectly calculated to persuade viewers that Leonard’s views are worth their attention. Consequently, the harsh realities in the film, such as the film’s political theories, can be more easily digested by an audience that has grown up in consumption culture. Leonard places the blame for the United States’ excessive depletion of natural resources on the government. While she makes it clear that she sees the government as being controlled by the people, she also points out that the government is failing to take care of its citizens: “we’ve seen a little change in the government where they’re a little more concerned in making sure everything is working out for [corporations] than for us” (2). Politicians also have a tendency to work in their best interest, with Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake swapping 2,400 acres of U.S. Forest Service land for 5,300 acres of environmentally valuable, copper-rich land (Fitzpatrick 2013). Leonard also points out that the government neglects to take the necessary steps to stop corporations who overfish, extract resources from developing countries, and fill the environment with toxins. However, even though Executive Order 13423 under former president G.W. Bush and Executive Order 13514 under President Obama focus on sustainability, these orders can only affect the actions of the Federal Government. Leonard’s argument that the government is not doing its job falls somewhat flat,

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