The Story Of The Cyclops Polyphemus

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Part One: The story of The Cyclops Polyphemus was the most intriguing story in the first part for me. In the story, Odysseus and his crew ventured inside the home of a cyclop named Polyphemus, which was built inside of a cave. When Polyphemus came home, he found the crew and immediately killed and ate one of the men. As Polyphemus shut the door, Odysseus and his men were trapped inside the cave. During the next day, Odysseus and his men took a piece of timber from Polyphemus’ house and sharpened it. In the night, when Polyphemus returned home, Odysseus offered Polyphemus a cup of wine, who drank more and more until he passed out. Odysseus and his men retrieved the sharpened stake and stabbed Polyphemus’ eye. Hiding under a herd of sheep the next morning as they were shepherd out of the cave, Odysseus and his men escaped. My favorite part of the story is when Odysseus gives Polyphemus the wine that he planned to trade for their hospitality to get Polyphemus drunk and stab his eye. This shows the two-sided nature of wine, bringing delight to Polyphemus then great misfortune and could even be interpreted as the god Dionysus protecting Odysseus and his men. Also, that shows that even though they were powerful, the Greeks did not think of the Cyclops as very smart monsters. This story also demonstrates how terrifying the Cyclops could be to the people at the time because of their gigantic eyes and appetite for humans. Adding to the terror, the are extremely powerful and can
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