The Story Of The Dark Knight

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Indrid again tracked all the way back to the beginning. “Now,” he said, “a room within a room, within a room.” He opened the first door and walked in to a smaller room. Then he opened the next door and walked through. Next, Indrid counted the points on the antlers of the deer. There were only thirty. He climbed up one floor and counted again, thirty-one. So he walked up five more floors to the level that would have the thirty-six-pointed deer. The hall led to a closed door with a stone pedestal standing in front of it. It had the outline of a hand at the top of the stone. Indrid placed his inside the imprint and felt a slight tingling at the tips of his finger. Then, watching the pedestal glow, an intense aura surrounded his body as…show more content…
“There is a letter from Ikarus for you, my Count,” Simon said, bowing as he handed it to him. The sender’s signature read King Demitri Von Cobb, Lord of Men. It simply read: If you bring Burton Lang to me from the oubliette of Illyrium, I will grant you the Kingdom of Ikarus. You can become the King of the World. The words King of the World echoed in his mind, exciting Indrid’s deepest desire. He had always thought that if he were the King of Men he would make everything better. “We travel to the ruins of Illyrium first,” Indrid said. “There is someone there whom we need to bring with us to Ikarus.” Finally Indrid would come face to face with the Wizard who he had suspected was manipulating Montague; the infamous Burton Lang. “Ready the ships, we’re leaving at dawn.” * * * A storm raged along the eastern shore of the Illyrium Island where the Graleon ship, captained by Count Indrid Cole, would dock, and from where he would cross the Great Plains and across the Origon River to Illyrium. But the winds pushed the vessel far south of where they intended to dock. They crashed into the frosted rocks lining the spillway of the mud lands of Ghord. “No man has gone through these mud lands for at least a hundred years,” Sir Simon said. “It is alive.” “Does anyone have a better idea?” Indrid asked, hoping this path was avoidable. “The storm is blocking us from the north and if we go south to the edge of the Mountain, we will be sacked by
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