The Story Of The Hour Identity Essay

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Aneesha Reddy Alugubelli
Professor Sharon Rossum
English 1302
17 June 2017

Emotions of a Woman with Identity Issues in The story of the Hour
As the title suggests “The story of the hour” is a story written by Kate Chopin which happens in an hour span of a woman. The story revolves around an ill young woman named Louis Mallard whose husband was involved in a tragic train accident. The author developed many themes around the incidents that happen in that one hour, which are very differently interpreted than the usual norm for the times when this story was written. The themes of life, death are very evident from the story but the underlying conflicting themes of oppression, woman’s freedom, marital issues, guilt and people perception are
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Mrs. Mallard is said to have some kind of a “heart trouble” (Chopin 1) back the day where there was no medication for heart-related issues and any kind shock might cause death in such conditions and because of this a great care was taken by her sister and her husband 's friend Robert while bearing the sad news. As soon as she hears it she starts sobbing and goes on and locks herself in her room. This is where the author carefully crafts all the emotions that Louis is going through, she sinks into her chair and gazes through an open window to feel the spring vibes, which symbolizes her opportunity to a fresh start of life with no one commanding her anymore. Those were times when women were married young and who happen to move from parental shadow to that under another man. The initial description of Mr. Mallard suggested he might be very much older than his wife which might suggest a forced marriage where in Louis had no right to oppose. From the story line, it looks like her marriage was an unhappy one than a happy one which might suggest her feeling of freedom from suppression when she uttered the words "Free! Free! Free!”(Chopin 4). A person deeply suffering can lie to others but not to themselves. Mrs. Mallard has a chance to live her life on her own terms for once that gave her a sense of a joy, the one she could feel but not show to others. This does not make her a woman who rejoices her husband 's death but keeping the past aside she is
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