The Story Of The Koa Tree

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Step by step, breath after heavy breath, Mikey and I hiked our way up the Maka’ula ‘O’oma trail. It was a bit embarrassing that after lifting weights for the preceding four months we were still winded by the moderate size hill. We took a break half way up but this was no wasted break. I found an opening off the path and noticed a Koa tree about three feet high. Then I turned to Mikey and said, “this is the reason we came up here.” “Is that a Koa tree?” I remember him asking before I explained to him how it most definitely was, however, as they reach maturity they take on a different form. We were there in search for the great elders, towering in stature with leaves resembling a crescent. After my explanation he quickly responded, “Can we…show more content…
We were about to leave before coming across four bottles littered on the ground. The bottles were gross looking and things were already beginning to grow on it. We didn’t want to bring these with us through the rest of our adventure. So I thought, “what would the ancient Hawaiians do?” And as I raised my head my sights were locked on a tea leaf plant. I walk over, thank the plant, and pick a couple of leaves from it. I then ripped each leaf in half and began to bundle up the bottles and tie them together. Two bundles were easier to carry than four bottles so we carried them to the fork in the trail and left them there until we got back from our journey. We were back on track, making our way down the left route. I was hopeful but discouraged for the first couple hundred feet, with Mikey taking the lead pointing at every different plant asking “Is that a Koa tree?” I rebuttal by saying, “we literally saw one like ten minutes ago.” To no surprise his curiosity or his inner child proceeded with the questions. One tree exposed itself after the other until it seemed as all the trees bordering the trail became Koa trees. I was dragging my jaw on the floor as I slowly walked under the chattering giants all wearing orange coats around their trunks. Seed pods began to envelope the forest floor so much that Mikey and I lost each other for a while foraging on the trail. We soon got more than a hundred seeds so decided to just relax under

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