The Story Of The Mannequin

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The Mannequin A family owned a shop known for the one-of-a-kind mannequins and beautiful clothing, but it had to close down recently due to a family crisis. It all started three days ago when the girl 's grandmother had a nervous breakdown due to her schizophrenia. She recalls the memories of her grandmother talking to herself as well as having bizarre discussions or even hallucinations at times. Those thoughts frightened her as her dear loving grandmother would fall ill and would even act out violently at times of frustration. She thought to herself that not being able to control yourself, including thoughts and actions would be the scariest thing since the illness would take over you completely. Her mother decided that it 'd be best if the family remained in the house while her grandmother could be in another environment for a while, however girl had to stay home until the parents came back. Unwillingly, the girl agreed to move in though she knew that her mother did have some kind of childhood trauma in this house that she refused to mention. As the oil lamp flickered in her room at her grandmother 's home along with the eerie sound that the wooden floor made when stepped on, the girl heard a deafening voice coming from the distorted walls telling her to get out. She shook her head in disbelief as if she was saying to herself that she was going insane and then repeating to herself for the fortieth time that things as ghost or spirit surely only existed in her
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