The Story Of The Moore Family

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The Moore family lived in Villisca, Iowa. Villisca is seated in Montgomery County. At 508 East 2nd Street eight awful murders took place. Of the eight six of them were a family. Josiah B. Moore, who was forty-three years old, Sarah Montgomery Moore, thirty-nine years old, Herman Moore, eleven years old, Katherine Moore, ten years old, Boyd Moore, seven years old, and Paul Moore, five years old (Ewing). The other two children were Lena Stillinger, twelve years old, and Ina Stillinger, eight years old (Ewing). Lena and Ina were friends of Katherine and were staying the night with the Moore family. On Sunday June 9, 1912 all of them attended the Children’s Day service at the Presbyterian Church. The Children’s Day service was an end of the year Sunday school event. The Moore family left when the service ended around nine thirty that night with Lena and Ina. They walked to their house since it was only about three blocks from the church. Around seven thirty in the morning on June 10th one of their neighbors noticed that the house was strangely quiet. She went over to the house and knocked on the door but she heard no noise in the house and no one answered the door. She called Josiah’s brother Ross and told him something was strange and that he needed to come check on his brother. Ross got their around eight that morning and had to break the lock on the door because it was still locked from the night. When he walked in he saw two bodies with a sheet covering them and blood on
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