The Story Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials The story of the Salem Witch Trials is a sad and convoluted one that shows the impact of supposition spun out of control. What began with the mysterious symptoms exhibited by a few young girls eventually over took the entire community. As pressure was placed upon the accused and the accusers more were drawn into the affair some used it as a convenient opportunity to settle other scores under the guide of saving the community from witchcraft. The Accusers The story of the trials begins with the illness of Betty Parris and shortly thereafter several of her friends fell ill as well. As the search for the source of the illness drew on, the potential for a supernatural cause was raised. This led to Betty and her friend Abigail Williams accusing Tituba, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn who made easy targets. Tituba was a slave who had resided in the Caribbean and attempted to use a folk remedy to cure Betty Parris (Douglas, 2009, para. 8). Sarah Good was a beggar and Sarah Osborn was a shunned elderly woman who did not participate in church (Stokes, 2013, para. 2). The number of accused began to grow and as they spent time in jail they “began to see confession as a way to avoid the gallows” (Douglas, 2009, para. 14). The initial naming of the easy targets changed into a form of redemption for past wrongs. Douglas notes the stark difference between the accused and the accusers. A common thread was that those less well-off would accuse those of a better
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