The Story Of The Tank

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Tank was uncertain about how many of his fears, he should let her into. Was he about to make the biggest mistake of his life? Would she be able to handle it, if he told her too much? Would he know when to stop? “It’s okay Love, I’m here to help you. I’m not here to judge you or the actions of your friend’s.” At long last, she was about to step into a world completely alien to her. What if, he flew into a rage as he relived it all? Is he really the monster, he describes himself as being? How would she cope if she heard things too hard for her to deal with? Should she stop him? It was too late. “There were six of us going into an area close to Mount Barsa near Aleppo Syria. The day before in that area they captured a couple of Kurdish fighters. We were not the Rescue Op, were just to act as spotters to confirm the activity in the area. One of my guys, “Joker,” was the funniest man in the outfit. His stupid wise cracks kept us all sane in a desert of madness. I wish I could remember only his wise cracks and forget all the rest of it. Believe it or not, there are some fun times in war. After the briefing, I met with the team. We had learned that we were to set up on a road. I felt there was no point in all six of us sitting on the road all night long so I gave the command to take it in watches. God forgive me for giving that order. Snake felt that it all sounded all too easy. Meatwagon reminded him that nothing is ever easy. At that moment we had no idea how right he was.”
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