The Story Of The Terrible Terrorism

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Imagine that you’ve found the love of your life and that you really want to ask “the question”. First, you need a proper diamond encrusted ring. You spend hours, days looking for the perfect ring, and you finally find it. It’s beautiful, and there’s a guarantee that “You wont find any other ring like this!” You immediately snatch it up, and bring it back home to hide in your closet. You quickly think about how this might affect your spending habits, but you sit down on the couch and switch on the news. The usual bad things come on; wars in Africa, and you just tune it out. The word “diamond” is uttered, and your attention quickly snaps to the television. The stories of the terrible terrorism that happens to the innocent villages that mine…show more content…
Diamonds have no smell, and can’t be detected by metal detectors. The only way these diamonds can be found is if every bag is taken completely apart, and this takes an incredible amount of work. (“Diamonds of War”)
These diamonds taken from war zones create mad rushes for power from rebel organizations as well as semi-legitimate governments. The rebel war efforts want to take control of the villages that mine for these diamonds, and numerous amounts of human rights groups want to protect the people living in these villages from becoming slaves. Laying down laws on terrorism in these countries, and stopping these illegal diamonds from making it into commercial hands can prevent this. This has slowly stopped due to organizations like Kimberley Process, who prevent the illegitimate movement of diamonds across borders. (“”)
This mad rush for power can have massive repercussions. In the 1990s, blood diamonds in Sierra Leone alone made up 4% of the world’s rough diamond population. Rebels were using these diamonds to pay for their conflicts. All of these different rebel groups were using one source of diamonds to pay for practically their whole organization. (“”) Blood diamonds are mined in many African countries. One of these countries is Angola. Angola has seen a lot of conflict over and with these diamonds. From 1975 to 2002, Angola had many civil wars in which rebel forces used these diamonds to pay for ammunition or weapons. Another one
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