The Story Shortcomings On Declining Of Miko 's And Ben Relation

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The story Shortcomings focuses on declining of Miko’s and Ben relation. According to the narrative, Miko and Ben had fights and Miko moved to New York City for an internship, the pressure got even worse. As we keep on reading the narrative, we get to know that it discusses stereotypes that impact our sense of identity and our outlook. The author Adrian has done a great work explaining different ways in which ethnic stereotypes can affect an individual mentally.
The argument about Ben and Miko’s relationship provides a better understanding of race and identity and its impact and consequences on gender. Throughout the narrative, Ben is the type of character that is represented as not being comfortable with himself. He is pressurized to resist his identity and later come to terms with the stereotypes he faces as being an Asian American male. In other words, he has been confused and never fully capable to come to terms with his own identification and status. So some major themes discussed in the narrative are based on masculinity and sexual inefficiency. The difficulty that Ben faces in his own identity is to analyze what it means to be an Asian American male. One of the stereotypes regarding Asian males is that they are sexually inadequate, nonetheless this is not declared until more than halfway through the narrative, when Ben went after a sexual relationship with a white woman (Tomine, 58). For Ben, his ethnic identity lies in his sexual identity. According to the
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