The Story behind Diamonds

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Diamonds are one of the most popular minerals in the world and yet people are not aware of the circumstances it takes to acquire this such unique mineral. Many people would agree when I say that this mineral is such a nice thing to look at, but few people actually know what it is made of and how it was formed. These precious minerals are composed of Carbon. The process to making this immaculate mineral is as following. First, you must bury Carbon dioxide deep into the earth; approximately, 100 miles deep. Second, you must heat the substance at a temperature of 2,200 degrees fahrenheit. Next, squeeze or tightly compact the substance under pressure of 725,000 pounds per square inch. Finally, it must quickly rush to the earths surface to cool off. All this must be done just to create diamond. Luckily for some men, scientist have created an alternative of the mined diamonds, it is a synthetic diamond composed of the same things and look almost identical. So if you’re planning to pop the big question soon you have options with that part of the proposal. When you think of the price of real diamonds you might think that they are pretty expensive and what makes them so special. Along with its looks, it is a rare mineral that still has a high demand. The places where you can find high concentrations are usually far away. As a matter of fact, the location that has the largest concentration of diamonds is in central and southern Africa. It is reported that they have 49% of
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