The Story in Dante's Inferno

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In the story Dante’s Inferno we as readers get to experience hell in a whole light. Throughout the narrative we find out that hell is not only what we know of it from the Christian bible. According to Dante Hell is a complex situation that is nothing like anything we have read earlier. There are many people who have read at least some portion of the Holy Bible. Whether it be because of personal reasons or educational ones, the holy bible most read (and sold) books in existence. Through reading the bible readers start to get the sense that horrible people belong in a horrible place. In reading the bible readers really get the feeling that hell is just a single entity. Hell, according to the bible is a simple enough place. It is just a place you don’t want to be. Many say it’s a place full of your darkest nightmares. Yet it wasn’t until Dante’s Inferno when people got a different view of just what hell has in store for the people headed for it. Dante’s Infernos describes hell as a place that has a place for everyone who belongs there. This is a place that people get a punishment appropriate for their crime. The bible makes it seem that once you are in hell it is not a place you can escape and that is probably one of the only things that it has in Dante’s Inferno. Both the bible and Dante’s Inferno make it seem that hell is a place that once you arrive there is not getting out of it. In Dante’s Inferno we learn that in Dante’s world, there are nine circles of hell. There is

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