The Story of Christianity by Justo Gonzalez

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The Story of Christianity is a book written by Justo Gonzalez; a native of Cuba. Gonzalez serves on the faculty of the Interdenominational Theological Center which is located in Atlanta Georgia. He attended Yale University, where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. in historical theology; in fact Dr. Gonzalez is the youngest person at Yale to be awarded a Ph.D. He is also one of the first generation Latino theologians and instead of growing up Catholic, comes from a protestant background. In addition to writing many other books, Gonzalez is also Cokesbury’s publishing chief narrator of the Christian Believer study video lessons course and the recipient of the Ecumenism Award from the Theological Consortium in Washington, which he received as a …show more content…
9). He then moves to discussing theological issues and the developments involving various traditions within the church.
Critical Interaction
Gonzalez’ book manages to convince the reader of the topics discussed and also encourages them to go further in depth of the topics for a better understanding. The fact that the book begins by informing the reader about the existence of a power that influences their future, the author is able to capture their attention. Though, it may seem as if Gonzalez tries to scare the audience by stating that an individual’s past and vision interferes with their personal interpretation, however, the truth is that all of the statements in the book are actually meaningful and help to build the main theme.
To capture the reader’s attention and improve their understanding of the book, the author provides a detailed analysis and description of what a Christian needs to understand regarding faith and factors that influence it. By the end of the initial section or at least the detailed introduction, almost any persons that reads Gonzalez work is confident that the book will provide a wide range of Christian related topics that influence our future. This will also entail informing the Christians who are the main audience that the author aims to reach on the importance of faith as a Christian. The
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