The Story of India

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Introduction The "Beginnings" and "The Power of Ideas" are the first two episodes of the video series produced by Michael Wood in the story of India. The first episode "Beginnings" video series traces those who are rich and the diversity of the peoples, culture as well as landscapes while the second episode "The Power of Ideas" tries to look at the power of ideas related to Indian history that includes Buddhism. In the first episode, we can see Michael Wood travelling across the subcontinent while tracing for the richness and diversity of its peoples, culture and also landscapes. The second episode of the video, Michael Woods shows how Alexander the Great's invasion of the India is inspiring her major empire in the form of Mauryan Empire to be ruled by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka. In summary, this paper will analyze how the people of India dealt with unity and diversity in their early history. The paper will also analyze the religions that arose in India, and how they are related to each other as well as how it has influenced the political developments in its early history using the first two episodes of the video series "The story of India". Unity in Diversity Unity and diversity is brought up in the first episode where Michael Wood takes us to places where the dramatic and new archaeological discoveries continue to change views of migrations that have helped in the making of the Indian identity. India is a country well known for different ethnic groups and
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