The Story of Jack Walton Taylor

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“I'm good, how are you Jack?”
“I'm okay”.
“Tell me something Jack, what's an old man like you, doing in here?”
“Oh, I did some bad things! Let me tell you...”
Jack Walton Taylor, a 64 year old convict in 1989, was short, bald, had a wrinkled forehead and wore glasses. Gravity had set in, and the old man walked with a stoop. Taylor was friendly and yet; hauntingly implausible.

Twenty-three years ago, convict Jack Taylor told me his story while I sat in my office on unit 10-B one evening. Two days ago, I decided to check and see if any of his story was true. To my surprise, most of it was. Here is that story.

Born around 1924, in Drumright, Oklahoma, Jack Walton Taylor grew up in an Oklahoma Oil Boom Town. Young Jack Taylor attended school and made it through the 8th grade before dropping out. By the age of 13, Jack stole his first car and ended up in jail. For the next six years the troublesome youth committed petty crimes throughout the area landing him in and out of jail.
In 1943, Taylor enlisted in the Army during world war II. That same year, he received an “Undesirable Discharge”. The military hospitalized Taylor In Larned, Kansas where he was examined by Dr. Karl Menniger.
On his own, still young and free, for the next several years Jack Taylor committed crime after crime in California, Kansas and Oklahoma. Bold, daring and shameless, Taylor spent more time in prisons and jails, than he did on the streets.…
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