The Story of Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare's epic and tragic telling of the story of Julius Caesar, provides an interesting and helpful way of examining history in a dramatic context. The concept of violence is evident throughout the entire play. The interpretative quality of violence, and the relative effectiveness of its usage, provides a useful lens for understanding this work. For this essay, I intend to examine the three characters of Brutus, Cassius and Marc Anthony using this particular focus. I will demonstrate how each of these characters and their relationships to violence appears as basically relative and open to interpretation. This quality of violence helps demoralize its use while telling a tale of historic significance and simultaneously revealing useful examples of how this forceful technique and its effects are subjective in nature. Julius Caesar, as a work of art, helps its readers to understand its own position towards the characters he or she is experiencing. The uniqueness of experience and it's overall impact towards the reader appears to be very difficult to measure in any quantitative method. This play may be interpreted in many different ways, and while Caesar appears to be heroic, and ultimately the victim of violence, Caesars recently defeated enemies could have seen this assassination as a product of goodness. This mystery behind the use of violent force leads the entire play as a significant subject for examination. With thorough character analysis, of the main
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