The Story of Queen Elizabeth I

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She was dancing because was the activity she most like; she lived in a tiny tower which she enjoy it with her boyfriend Lord Robert. They were in love and enjoy dancing as she did. She had servants that make everything for her; they brush her hair, put on her cloth for her and everything of that type. One day some of the mans that where in the army to take care of England went and grab Elizabeth up to a tower until the queen of England wanted to see her.
Rising Action:
They were step sisters and in that moment the queen of England that wasn´t Elizabeth required her in the kingdom because she knew that Elizabeth will become queen soon so she needed that her religion could be the same as in that moment, but Elizabeth wasn´t religious, she was protestant so she couldn´t. After the queen died she sign a document where Elizabeth was the queen of England and when she died immediately she become queen. The people that help her or make her life more “comfortable” make some kind of a feast so she could choose her husband but she already wanted only one.
The war of England started with France, unfortunately they lose the war. When Elizabeth. When Elizabeth knew about what had happen she was required to meet the king of France because it would help their kingdom so she went to meet him with some people of England, first she thought he was strange but the real thing was that she wanted to merry lord…

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