The Story of Vlad the Impaler's Life

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Are you a fan of Vampires or Dracula? I am so I did some research on them, that, and I was told to. My essay is over the very first vampire Vlad Dracula or more commonly today Vlad the Impaler. Yes this is going to take a while so hold tight. Vlad was born in Transylvania a very long time ago. He was a prince of Wallachia for many, many years. He was well known for what he did to the enemy during the battles he fought in. Vlad was a highly feared person. He was the over taker of many lands, and villages. Vlad Dracula was a dastardly man who in this seriously long essay I will explain everything I have the knowledge of. Let’s Begin. Vlad Dracula was born to Vlad Dracul and his mother was a beautiful young Moldavian princess, her name was lost in history. He was born in the year 1431 in the country of Sighisoara, Transylvania. He was born a prince for his father was from a family of princes in Wallachia (Goldberg & Itzkowitz pg. 18), and of course his mother being a princess helped. His name Dracula means “little dragon, or little devil”. His father was a knight of Emperor Sigismund. Vlad lived near the front line of defense for this reason alone. When Vlad was about either 12 or 13 he and his brother Radu were traded to the Turks by their father as hostages as to keep the treaty of peace between the two countries from ever being broken. While they were hostages the Turks taught them science and mathematics, and by the end of the four years they were

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