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The Story of the Pineapple After the discovery of America, new food plants became known to European people. The pineapple symbolizes balmy tropical lands and leisurely life on tropical islands. The pineapple, as well as other agricultural crops such as maize, potatoes, beans, peanuts, and tobacco, originated in America and were unknown to people of the old World. The story of the pineapple falls into three distinct periods. The first period precedes the discovery of America and goes back into the antiquity of South America where the pineapple is believed to have developed. There is very little information about it during this period but it is known that the pineapple was already being cultivated and widely distributed through…show more content…
It is peeled all around and cut into round slices or chunks, as the carver desires, for throughout the length and breadth it has a peel, for which a sharp knife is required. Each pine grows on a very sharp thorny thistle with long prickly leaves, very wild; from the middle of this thistle emerges a round stalk which bears only one pine, which takes about 10 months or a year to ripen. Once the fruit is cut, this thistle produces no more fruit and serves for nothing except to litter the ground." Pineapple fruits were sent from the West Indies to Europe where they were used as table decorations at dinners and banquets. As a result of the use of the fruit as decoration it became a symbol of hospitality and friendship and showed high social standing.

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