The Strain Theory

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In the November attack on Paris, the terrorist group, ISIS, carried out a coordinated set of attacks. There are many different theories as to why this happened, but the realization is that society will probably never know the answer as to why it occurred. The Strain Theory can assist in the explanation of the reasoning behind this attack. This will be brought into further detail in the discussion of two topics. The first topic is that the extremist is just doing what they do best, or was trained to do. Another reason may be that the military group is tired of being at the low end of the global Jihad, or extremist military group. These are only suggestions; nevertheless using the Strain Theory can assist society in understanding the true reason…show more content…
The Strain Theory, as explained by Merton, shows how social structure is an important piece to an individual or a group. In the world we live in today, all of society has put such an emphasis on how high one goes into ranking or social standing, a terrorist group would be no different. Everyone wants to feel as if they have a purpose in this world, so if there is no purpose present, one cannot be able to achieve their goals. Research shows that purpose and well-being have a significant relationship (The Journal of Positive Psychology, 2009). Sometimes society forgets to realize that just because someone or some group commits a crime, that the person or group did not commit such an atrocity for no reason. Sometimes the reasoning is not very strong, nevertheless in most cases, it can always be explained with the right amount of research. The Strain Theory can cover a number of things when dealing with normal topics, but can also assist greatly with certain criminal activities. If society would not be so quick to jump to rash conclusions, then quite possibly, someone could better understand how certain people or groups conduct themselves and…show more content…
The historical aspect when dealing with the theory, explains the foundation and how it was set in place for the use by the criminal justice society was explained by Robert Merton. The concepts and propositions of the theory also help when explaining how it pertains to certain individuals or groups of people. The future of the theory seems to that it will always have a use in society because it can always assist in the explanation of why someone or some group committed a crime. Through the use of the Strain Theory, the Paris, France attacks were explained through great detail in why or what the extremist group’s motives were. The Strain Theory assists in the explanation of almost any crime that can be committed or be thought of. This theory has been used over the last century and will continue to serve its purpose to the general public and the criminal justice
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