Essay on The Strain of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Annie John

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The Strain of Mother-Daughter Relationships in Annie John

Jamaica Kincaid accurately portrays how adolescence can strain mother- daughter

relationships. The mother- daughter relationships are universal but "it is not clear why

we avoid the topic"(Gerd). The father- daughter relationships and the mother- sons

relationships are the issues mostly talked about. In Jamaica Kincaid's novel, Annie John,

she explains and gives insight into mother- daughter relationships. In Annie John, there are events that make people think about their relationship with their own mother.

Kincaid expresses this relationship through her main character Annie who tries to

find her own identity. The relationship between Annie
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In the novel, Annie did many things with her mother and look into the world through her mother.
With all this, Annie wouldn't know what the world would be like with out her mother. Frances A. Nadeau, who wrote an article on the mother- daughter relationship, said
"Understanding [this] relationship is critical to young adult girls because daughters

bond with their mothers in a complex, interdependent association that often inhibits a daughter from establishing her own identity." Different people might describe this relationship in different ways but one common theme they have is that the daughter cannot do any thing without the mother and she also has her mothers' image. In the novel, Annie and her mother were almost the same. They wore dresses cut from the same cloth; they went shopping together; and they even took bath together. She did many things with her mother and even wears the same cloth. Annie was like a little mirror of her mother. As the relationship gets to different stage in life it changes. For instance, the relationship you have with your mother when you are a child is different from the one you have during adolescence and it's also different when you are a mother yourself. But the most difficult stage is during adolescence.

Adolescence is a difficult stage for both the mothers and daughters. Recent studies

show that "adolescence [is] regarded as a time of "storm and stress", and solely attributed

to the

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