The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Hyde, by Robert Stevenson Essay

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The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Hyde,By Robert Stevenson

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The separation of Jekyll into two beings, Jekyll and Hyde, is an symbol for humankind's conflicting forces of good and evil. These characters bring to life the inner struggle between the two powers of the soul. Jekyll portrays the good side of human nature in this narrative. He is the protagonist of the novel. Dr. Jekyll is an intelligent, tall, and dignified man of late middle age. The people who know him respect him. He is a wealthy man and lives in comfort in a good house with loyal servants, he is the model of the Victorian gentleman, But he has a dark side, Jekyll is not supposed to represent pure good, rather, the whole
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Hyde's youth and small, distorted stature can be linked to the inactive evil within Jekyll. At first, Jekyll is in complete control of the appearance of Hyde, having him only appear when he so wills. At this point, the good is much stronger and has control over the evil. As the iniquity within Jekyll, begins to be exercised with more regularity, it becomes more powerful. Jekyll loses contact first with his good side and then with his friends. The more he plays at being Hyde the more he is cut off from their good worth.

With this newfound clout, Hyde begins to appear without Jekyll's indicating. This foreshadows that the evil of the human soul now begins to succeed over the once dominant good. The callous murder of
Sir Danvers Carew provides the reader with a sense that cruelty has won complete control over merit. Jekyll is now faced with a question of morality. Should he let the evil reign, or should he repeal the being he has created along with himself. It has become clear to Jekyll that he can no longer go on with this front, and decides that Hyde will soon seize complete control. In an effort to stop this conquest from occurring, Jekyll decides that he will soon turn into Hyde for the last time, he declares his life over and that anything that happens after that point on will not happen to him, as Jekyll will be truly dead to the world. Therefore, it will be Hyde who will
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