The Strange Death of Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov

2222 WordsFeb 19, 20189 Pages Fyodor Pavlovich Karamazov is a landowner very known for his strange death. Fyodor started from nothing and had married a rich, beautiful and intelligent girl named Adelaida Ivavnova Miusov. The two had a son named Dmitri, but Adelaida soon had realized the she does not love Fyodor and decided to run away. Some after time, a news have reached Fyodor that Adelaida had died. Some says that Fyodor celebrated his freedom others said that he wept like a poor little child. Fyodor left with their son, he has not served his responsibility to Dmitri so the child was taken care off by Adelaida’s relatives. When Dmitri was being raised, he was taught to think that he had a huge amount of inheritance that her mother left to her father. He entered the military and after that went to his father to claim for his inheritance. Dmitri was deceived by his father about the inheritance and he had accumulated anger and wanted to fight for his rights. After getting rid of Dmitri way back then he married again to Sofia Ivanovna. They had 2 sons namely Ivan and Alexei. Fyodor mistreated her wife. He held immoral and vicious acts in front of her own wife such as infidelity attending and sleeping with other women, holding orgies and maltreatment. With these happenings Sofia became mentally unstable and soon died. Their two sons were taken cared off by the person who was also part of raising Dmitri up. The two went to school, Ivan

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