The Stranger Theory : Sociologist Georg Simmel

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In this essay, I will be explaining a social concept called the stranger theory, which is a concept and idea, that sociologist Georg Simmel came up with. I will be describing what it means in my own words, based off research that I have done as well as using the information that we gathered and talked about in our sociological theory class. I will be using a personal story as well as an example of Muslim Americans, to better explain what the stranger concept is. Then I will be talking about a case study group such as American Muslims, where I will go into greater detail to better explain the stranger theory and how frequently this population experiences this concept on a daily basis. Lastly, I will analyze an academic source which refers…show more content…
An example where I felt like a stranger was the first two years of High school. I was a three-sport athlete that always hung around athletes. When we would hang out away from our sport, it was awful for me. I just could not connect with them, which made me feel like an outsider, and a stranger. I longed for the special bond they had. But I had a different and odd personality that did not mesh in with the people that I constantly were surrounded by, and was not really accepted because of it. The more I tried to put on an image to fit in the worse it got for myself. It was hard for me to accept the fact that they were never going to accept me for whom I was, and it is not like I could just make a different me. The more I stuck around and tried to fit in, the more I’d get laughed at, mocked, etc. I never really felt accepted because of this, and I saw myself as “different.” This was a personal example of what it felt like in my life to be a “stranger.” An example that we talked about in class was with Muslim Americans. We watched a film which gave us a perfect visual and explained why this group was one of the best examples of the stranger theory that we could come up with. There are many Muslim Americans that are here in the United States, but feel unwelcomed, because of their many other American peers and how they perceive Muslim Americans. The source
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