The Stranger a Novel by Albert Camus Essay

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The Stranger is a novel by Albert Camus. Albert Camus, a French, Noble prize winning author, journalist and philosopher, was born on the seventh of November 1913. He died on the fourth of January 1960. He was instrumental in bringing the philosophical views of absurdism to public attention. The Stranger was published in 1942 and is an example of the outlook and themes of Camus’s philosophy of the absurd. Mersault, the narrator and protagonist, is The Stranger. He has cut himself off from the world. As he narrates the novel is divided into two parts. In part 1 he deals with everyday affairs except for two important events. At the beginning of the novel his mother has died. He is struggling to make ends meet, therefore he sent his…show more content…
He accepts a court appointed attorney without even thinking of getting one for himself. The court appointed attorney wants Mersault to lie about how he felt when his mother died, he refuses. He values honesty and in this instance he is true to himself. Mersault has blinders on in that he refuses to see how his court case and his feeling, or non-feelings, for his mother are connected. He does not w ant to see the chaplain, and when he finally does, the chaplain is horrified that Mersault will not confess his guilt for the murder and ask for forgiveness. Mersault, who does not believe in God, does not want the chaplain to pray for him, nor does he react in the expected way when shown the cross. The judge has never met anyone like Mersault and believes that because he is so hard-hearted that he must be an “antichrist” this reaction is mirrored by the jury. They do not believe his explanations and his lack of emotion and remorse make him less than human. He is found guilty of murder and sentenced to the guillotine. Mersault does not believe the sentence, because he is not a criminal in his own eyes. At the end of the novel he accepts his death as most of his life, he is indifferent. He believes that his death will make his like less absurd and align him with the universe. In The Stranger the sun is the barometer of the emotions which Meursault feels. It is the indicator to what he does
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