The Stranger by Albert Camus

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The Stranger was a fascinating book with a simple plot revolving around an average man. The protagonist and first person narrator was a man by the name of Meursault, a French man with little to no personal feeling about anything. He went about his life like an empty husk, shifting from one place to another. He felt no grief, sadness or even regret after his mother died; he only felt the physical inconvenience of sitting through the funeral and the heat of the sun during the funeral procession to the cemetery. Before and after the funeral, he more or less wandered with no direction. He went to work and performed day to day activities with the same apathetic disregard. He eventually went to a gathering down at the beach where he murdered a man that had been following his friend. He is sent to prison for the murder where he maintains the same detached indifference that he exhibited during the funeral. The lawyers hoped that he would plead self-defense, but he simply related the facts and nothing more in his own defense. The book did a particularly good job of describing Meursault in a way that gave no real insight into his persona, yet let us know what he was like on an outside appearance. The rest of the characters were described in a manner that showed their personalities beneath the skin, a rather satisfying way of making a side character slightly more important than just being there for the sake of being there. The book also did a wonderful job of opening up the

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