The Stranger in Oedipus Essay

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Murder, assault, and other forms of violence are widespread plagues that haunt modern society. In order to combat these relevant issues society has implemented different systems over the years. These systems have moved from a simple mindset to intricate organizations of jurisdiction and law. Violence appears not only in reality but, in novels and literary works alike. Albert Camus’ The Stranger depicts a modern system of justice; however, Sophocles Oedipus Rex portrays a simplistic system of justice. Society implements these to prevent the downfall of the human race. Society protects humanity from its own demise by condemning acts of violence. Acts of violence, weather brought on by anger as illustrated in Oedipus Rex or by environmental …show more content…
This seems to show an extremely shallow love for his mother. “’We just sat there like that for a while. The woman’s sighs and sobs were quieting down. She sniffed a lot.’ ‘Then finally she shut up.’” (Camus 11). Anger in Meursault, is demonstrated in this section of the novel. His mother’s friends were attending the funeral and one of them was in tears. Meursault had no patience for this, however, what little self-control was left of him ignited and he did not act out violently. He rather let the anger stay within him just to nourish it. This violence in Meursault is classified as a hidden violence. The catalysts for his anger are seen in his environment. Meursault has a tendency to react sporadically to his environment. Environmental influences can cause one to act without logic and reason. Unfortunately for Meursault his conscious took the better of him which in turn caused him to kill. Meursaults’ pet peeve which causes him to act irrationally is heat. “It was very hot” (Camus 3) "“glare of the sky” (Camus 4) “It was very bright” (Camus 6). The sun, more specifically its product, heat, is a dominate issue within Meursaults’ life. In every situation, he comments on how hot it is. In these uncomfortable situations he loses his ability to generate logical solutions to issues. “The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes.” (Camus 59). This is the most pivotal scene in the

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