The Strangers That Came to Town Essay

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The Strangers That Came to Town Essay The story “The Strangers That Came to Town” is primarily a story about freedom. In his short story, “The Strangers that Came to Town”, Ambrose Flack is showing that true freedom is about being accepted. In the beginning of the story Mr. Duvitch and his family couldn’t walk around the town being judged or feeling uncomfortable. This was also a big problem for Mr. Duvitch’s children. They deal with bullying and not being welcomed as well. Although at the end of the story Andy’s family changes things for the Duvitch’s. The town begins to realize that they aren’t as bad as they thought and weren’t actually that different from them. Mr. Duvitch’s and his family were unable to walk in their own…show more content…
Four of the Duvitches went to school; well there they were bullied by some of their classmates. They were bullied about what they ate and what they wore. “Before she could put a stop to it, some of their classmates scoffed at the leaf, lard, and black bread sandwiches they ate for lunch, huddled in one corner of recreation room, dressed in their boiled-out ragpickers’ clothes”. Outside of school they often got ignored by the other kids in the town. “Tom and I, philistines like our friends, ignored the Duvitch boys”. Although thanks to Andy’s family, things for the Duvitches changed for the better. Andy’s parents always showed care towards the Duvitches when they saw them no matter where they were. Their mother always remembered the rose she received from them. “But mother, remembering the old plotted rose tree, always had a friendly word and a smile for the young Duvitches when she saw them and a bone for Kasimar when he found the courage to venture across the road.”, “Father was the only man on Syringa Street who tipped his hat to sixteen-year-old Maria Duvitch”. Andy and Tom did a horrible thing to the Duvitches. “Without considering further, I dropped the cake of soap into the tub of fish”. This caused them to be invited over for dinner. “I’ve just seen Mr. Duvitch and he remarked that since Andy and Tom caught the fish,
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